Desire and Hope are the compass and fuel for the journey of life. Desire isn't just about wanting something—it's the profound yearning that shapes your vision, directs your goals, and gives form to your dreams. Yet, desire alone can be an insatiable fire, consuming you from within. It's here that Hope steps in—offering the promise that your yearnings can indeed be met, that obstacles are just detours, not dead ends. Hope is the light in darkness, the calm assurance that every challenge is surmountable.

To live a good life, align your desires with your values, ensuring they lead you toward growth, kindness, and fulfillment. Let hope be grounded in reality, not just an abstract notion but something built on small, everyday wins. When desire pulls you forward, let hope push you from behind, and you'll find that the winding path ahead isn't daunting but an adventure waiting to unfold.

Gustav Emilio and Luz, Malaga, Spain, August 2023